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At Newmeasures, we know that leadership and employee survey data are most powerful when they are linked to the strategy of the organization and tied to key business metrics. We design surveys to meet the unique culture and goals of your organization and employ tested and focused tools to help move your business forward. We link engagement, culture and leadership data to operational metrics like customer feedback, turnover, quality, safety, and financials.

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Our Solutions

Leverage Newmeasures validated employee engagement survey content, best-in-class technology, benchmarks and consulting expertise for a one-stop-shop to improve engagement levels at your organization.

Employee Engagement

Ensure a great employee experience from day one with automated 30, 60 or 90-day onboarding surveys, dynamic reporting, and actionable insights.


Professional development for front-line employees to senior executives is critical to ensure your organization has the competencies it needs for future success. The Newmeasures 360 survey will help build self-awareness and develop leaders so they can truly apply their genius.

360 Surveys

Organizations change quickly and pulse surveys are a simple and effective way for leaders to stay in the know when it comes to employee morale. Leverage pulse surveys to understand how employees feel about an event, if initiatives are having the desired impact, or to get deep insight on a key topic.

Pulse Surveys

Stop unwanted turnover dead in its tracks by understanding the key reasons why employees leave, who is competing for your talent, and where to focus improvement efforts based on key demographics.

Exit Surveys

Are your Board and Executive Teams working in tandem or stepping on each other’s toes? Let our Alignment Check survey and expert consultants ensure both the Board and Executive Team are focused on the right things to lead your organization to a successful future.

Board & Executive Team Alignment