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Employee Engagement

Feedback on the employee experience gives leaders the insight they need to do their work BETTER.

Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your employee engagement survey needs.

Leverage validated survey content with the option to customize.

Use our off-the-shelf validated content, or work with our Industrial Organizational Psychologists to design a survey that reflects the culture and strategy of your organization.

Don’t just check the box; be strategic.

Newmeasures consultants will teach you how to leverage engagement survey data to impact strategic goals. Our philosophy is, “survey data shouldn’t give you more work to do, it should make the work you are already doing better.”

Support your leaders with survey follow-up.

Support leaders with a variety of resources to help them get traction on survey follow up. Online action planning and best practices in the form of videos, books, and tips give leaders what they need, how they need it.

Understand how you stack up with normative benchmarks.

Leverage benchmark data from over two million survey responses from industries such as technology, manufacturing, hospitality, professional services, higher education, K-12, non-profit, public sector and more.

Engagement Model

Employee Engagement is a feeling of commitment and enthusiasm for one’s work that leads to a willingness to exert discretionary effort.

Active Commitment
Employees plan to stay and recommend the organization to others.
Personal Significance
Employee feel valued and are enthusiastic about their work
Confidence In The Future
Employees believe in the future of the organization

Get the right information to the right people, right away.

The Newmeasures online dashboard reporting platform is permissions-based and available as soon as the survey closes. Slice and dice data by any variable to follow the story of the feedback.

Focus survey follow-up on the most impactful topics.

The Newmeasures key driver analysis helps each leader understand what to work on for the biggest impact.

Implementation Services.

Do you already have a survey technology provider but need help with survey implementation and best practices? Our experienced implementation team can help you with the heavy lifting so you can focus on the change management process.

Consulting Services.

Newmeasures’ Consultants can help you sort through survey feedback to determine the “story” of the data. Leverage executive summaries, data analysis, and leader workshops to get the most out of your engagement survey.

Connect the dots.

Engagement data is most powerful when connected to other metrics such as employee performance, turnover, or customer satisfaction. Let our Consultants surface a more comprehensive picture of how the employee experience impacts the bottom-line.