Exit Surveys

Employees who leave your organization may promote or harm your brand. How do you stack up?

Reduce turnover and enhance the employee experience by using exit surveys to understand:

  • The reasons behind voluntary turnover
  • Turnover of your top performers
  • Who is competition for your talent
  • “Push” and “pull” factors that drive people to leave
  • How compensation & benefits compare to the market
  • Turnover trends over time and by department, position, generation, etc.

Ask the right questions for targeted insight.

Get better response rates.

Understand areas at risk for turnover.

Get the feedback you need in real-time.

One system for the entire employee life-cycle.

Begin with the Newmeasures core exit survey and customize it for your organization.

Our consultants will help you determine the best work flow to get strong survey participation.

Slice and dice turnover by key variables to hone in on the factors that are contributing to turnover.

No more waiting for monthly reports. Newmeasures reporting gives you access to the insights as you need them.

Use one platform to understand the onboarding experience, employee engagement and reasons for exits.