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Newmeasures has a broad customer base including healthcare, financial, manufacturing, technology, engineering, education, advertising and government industries and enterprises.
“I have seen many employee surveys through my 30 years at 5 different corporations. This is the most scientific and thoughtful approach I’ve seen yet.”

Regional Manager

“I used to think the goal of employee engagement was to improve survey scores. Newmeasures has taught us how we can connect engagement data to impact our mission.”
Roy Starks Director

Mental Health Center of Denver

“Being able to connect engagement data to our business metrics helps us determine where to focus for the biggest impact.”
Laura Jaggi
VP of Human Resources for North Central Group
“Within one year we grew from a top-25 percentile company to one knocking on the door of top-10. We feel confident that we’ll continue to improve as an organization employees look forward to work for, because of our relationship with New measures.”
Heath Dillard

Director of Human Resources Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

“Our project wouldn’t have been the same without access to our New measures team. The access to thoughtful, experienced, non-judgmental research was essential in crafting a project that could impact our company so effectively.”
Max Brewer
People Analytics Buzzfeed