A great employee experience starts day one.

First impressions matter. In fact, 70% of employees decide to stay or leave an organization within the first six-months (Aberdeen Group).

Most organizations focus their onboarding process on logistics (filling out paperwork, setting up a workstation), but so much of what makes employees feel valued are the experiences they have with their supervisor, colleagues and the culture.

Ensure new employees have a positive experience from day one by getting feedback early on. The Newmeasures Onboarding Survey will help you be proactive in ensuring that employees:

  • Feel that the job meets their expectations
  • Are welcomed by others in the organization
  • Are supported by their supervisors
  • Understand the company’s culture and behavioral norms
  • Have what they need to get up-to-speed quickly

What leads to a great onboarding experience?

Ask the right questions for targeted insight.

Start with the Newmeasures core onboarding survey and customize based on the unique needs of your organization.

Focus on the employee experience from day one.

Whether it is the first day, 30, 60 or 90 days, our consultants will help you determine the best time to check in on the onboarding experience.

Intervene early to create lasting impressions. 

Gain the insight you need to improve the onboarding experience before concerns lead to frustration, lack of engagement or turnover.

Get the feedback you need in real-time.

No more waiting for quarterly reports that are no longer relevant. Newmeasures reporting gives you the insights you need as you need them.

One system for the entire employee life-cycle.

Leverage one platform to understand the onboarding, employee engagement and reasons for exits while tying insights together for a complete picture.