Newmeasures: Insights for an exceptional workforce

360 Surveys

Accelerate growth and development with targeted, impactful feedback

Validated survey content. Focus on the behaviors that lead to exceptional performance.

Promote leadership that gets results AND values people.

Flexible survey administration. Administer surveys via our online portal or let Newmeasures take care of it for you.

Narrative comments provide rich detail on areas of genius and opportunity.

Take the guesswork out of understanding survey results. Simple and easy to understand reporting makes it easy for participants to understand key themes and where to focus.

Understand areas of genius (strengths), opportunity, and blind spots.

Identify gaps between the individual’s rating of performance and the ratings of others.

Offer short, validated and focused surveys that:

  • Increase participation.
  • Focus on what’s most important.
  • Ensure participants spend less time trying to understand data and get to action planning faster.
  • Connect to the strategy and values of the organization.

Ensure participants get the most out of their survey feedback:

  • Receive development suggestions by competency.
  • Guide that gives best practices for interpreting the feedback, sharing the results with others, and creating an action plan.
  • Leverage certified coaches to keep the 360 process positive and constructive

Onsite or webinar-based workshops for participants or trainers/coaches to:

  • Understand the value of 360 feedback.
  • Understand strategies for dealing with the “emotions” of receiving feedback.
  • How to understand survey results.
  • How to create a development plan that results in changes in behavior.

Select the right level of 360 tool for your participants:

  • Individual Contributor
  • Front-line Leaders
  • Leaders of Leaders
  • Executives

Leverage industry-specific content:

  • Healthcare
  • Higher Education
  • OPM Executive Core Qualifications
  • Let our I/O Psychologists customize the 360 tool to your to your organization’s competency model