Pulse Surveys

Don’t wait a year to determine if your engagement efforts are working.

The Value of Pulse Surveys

  • Easy to administer, short and sweet for the survey taker
  • Just-in-time insights to guide decision-making
  • Monitor trends over time in one simple dashboard
  • Gather feedback that helps organizations be proactive vs. reactive
  • Deeper insight by focusing on critical topics

Pulse surveys are short (5-10 questions), targeted surveys that allow organizations to do a quick check-in on critical topics.

  • Crisis Management: Check-in on how employee well-being and productivity during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Accountability Pulse: Were engagement survey results communicated to employees and do they know what is being done in response to the feedback?
  • Are change efforts having the desired impact?
  • Check-in on engagement levels between full engagement surveys
  • Understand how employees feel about specific topics such as recognition, change management, or diversity.
  • Event-driven Pulse: Ask employees for feedback based on a specific event such as a key meeting or company announcement.
  • Touch base with a specific employee population: Use pulse surveys to get feedback from a key segment of employees