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Employee Engagement Trends & Best Practices

Understanding What Works in a World of Hybrid Work

In 2022, organizations had to identify new ways of working to meet the needs of both employees and business objectives. Most executive teams faced the challenges of determining when employees could work remotely, who needed to work onsite, and how to keep culture, productivity, and belonging strong.

In this ebook, we explore data from Newmeasures clients from which you will learn:

  • What is working well about hybrid work and what’s not
  • How perspectives of remote work vary by leaders and employees
  • How perspectives of remote work vary by those who can work remotely compared to those who work onsite
  • How flexibility impacts employee retention
  • What employees want leaders to know about remote, hybrid, and onsite work
  • How employee listening can help leaders navigate uncertainty

Real-Time Employee Listening

Does your listening strategy ensure that you are keeping a pulse on the employee experience throughout the year? Listening to employees via surveys can be a powerful tool for learning and adjusting while also demonstrating to employees that leaders are responsive and care about the employee experience.

Contact us to learn how to leverage employee listening data to make informed, agile, and strategic people decisions in real time.

This research and the resulting insights and recommendations were produced by Newmeasures, LLC . 

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