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DE&I Key Findings and Best Practices

To contribute to positive social change and help our clients and colleagues take meaningful action, we asked
organizations to share how they were supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially amidst: The COVID-19 pandemic The Black Lives Matter movement The #MeToo movement and The economic crisis

Implementation Services.

Do you already have a survey technology provider but need help with survey implementation and best practices? Our experienced implementation team can help you with the heavy lifting so you can focus on the change management process.

Consulting Services.

Newmeasures’ Consultants can help you sort through survey feedback to determine the “story” of the data. Leverage executive summaries, data analysis and leader workshops to get the most out of your engagement survey.

Connect the dots.

Engagement data is most powerful when connected to other metrics such as employee performance, turnover or customer satisfaction. Let our Consultants surface a more comprehensive picture of how the employee experience impacts the bottom-line.

This research and the resulting insights and recommendations were produced in partnership by Newmeasures, LLC and Next-Level Inclusive Leadership, LLC. 

Newmeasures specializes in equipping organizations with employee listening strategies that provide the insights they need to build an exceptional workforce. Next-Level Inclusive Leadership delivers tailored, executive coaching that assists leaders in building truly inclusive organizations.