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Action Planning

You’ve Measured Engagement.
Now What?

Understanding engagement survey feedback from a variety of perspectives can be incredibly useful. But, remember the most important thing to do following a survey is to act. 

The results of an engagement survey may point to the need for large-scale organizational change: a review of policies, revisiting career paths and training resources, manager training, etc., are all are topics that an employee engagement survey may indicate deserve a refresh.

This work is important and should be undertaken, but these bigger system-wide approaches are typically resource and time intensive, and the truth is, there are often simple things that leaders can do TODAY to begin responding to the feedback.

Consider an Action Planning Approach that starts with addressing quick wins and expands to address change at various other levels over time. 

Share Results & Insights

Communicate the results of your survey to all employees and provide segmented reports to leaders and managers where appropriate. Check out the Engagement Survey Communications Guide to get started. 

Pick Priorities & Action Plan

Choose 2-3 areas of focus at the company-wide level to form action plans around. Do the same at the department and team levels. 

Dig In Deeper / Involve Others:

Communicate action plans and next steps to employees and provide opportunities to get involved. For issues you want to explore further, leverage focus groups and pulse surveys to gather feedback and ideas. 

Measure & Report

Regularly update employees on your progress against key metrics. Celebrate wins and continue to highlight where you are focusing next. 

Action Planning Journey

Most organizations evolve their action planning approach over time. We typically see progression through five stages with each building on the next. For guidelines on where to start and suggestions for taking action at each stage, reference the Action Planning Strategy Guide or contact your consultant. 


Platform Resources

Leverage the Qualtrics technology to support your chosen approach to action planning

Dashboard Access

Consider expanding access to the reporting dashboard to leaders and managers in your organization. Create customized views based on what they need to see.

Basic Dashboard Action Planning Tool

This built-in platform capability allows users to create and share action plans. The survey and/or HR team can view all action plans and track progress.

Quick Polls or Suggested Action Surveys

Collect additional feedback on a topic of interest by administering a short follow-up poll or survey.

Idea Board (Requires SSO)

Crowdsource ideas from employees on what actions to take to address opportunities. Users can create an idea board to share within and across teams. Employees can log into the board, give ideas anonymously, and vote on each others’ ideas.

Guided Action Planning Tool (Fee for set-up)

Guided action planning prompts managers with recommended actions specific to each focus area.

Action Planning Tools & Guides

Prompt action by equipping HR professionals, leaders, managers and employees with best practices pertaining to key engagement topics.

Team members at various levels of the organization can impact change by focusing on ‘what they can do’ to move the needle. The Action Planning Guides below provide tailored suggestions for each group. 

Look to the Survey Feedback Session Facilitation Guide for tips for sharing survey results as well as a bank of questions that can be used in focus groups and follow-up conversations to dig into survey findings. 

For suggestions on getting to action quickly and avoiding analysis paralysis, refer to the Guide to Engagement Survey Follow-Up