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2024 Employee Experience Trends Report

In 2023, we gathered feedback from over 320,000 survey respondents about their experiences at work. We’ve compiled and analyzed that data to identify the top trends that are influencing employee engagement and retention.

Three key findings emerged:

  1. The team with the biggest Impact on engagement may not be engaged.
  2. Managers are an experience multiplier.
  3. Belonging drives the bottom line.

Our new 2024 Employee Experience Trends report details these findings and outlines what organizations should be focusing on now to create compelling and differentiating employee experiences.


Employee Experience

Trends Report

Economic uncertainty and increasing financial pressure is driving many executives to believe they must choose between driving bottom-line results and creating positive employee experiences. The most successful leaders recognize that this is a false dichotomy. They realize that with historically low levels of unemployment and 1.4 job openings per every unemployed person, deprioritizing the employee experience could prove quite costly in the long term. These leaders pay attention to what engages their employees and take steps to deliver workplace experiences that attract and retain essential talent.

At Newmeasures, we have the good fortune to partner with clients who continually gather employee feedback to ensure they are moving the needle on what matters most. Every year we analyze our client data to provide a view into employee experience trends occurring in small to mid-size US based organizations. In this report we present our key findings and outline three imperatives for organizations that want to truly earn the distinction of being a best place to work.

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This research and the resulting insights and recommendations
were produced by Newmeasures, LLC.

In this report, you'll learn:

  • Key Drivers of Employee Engagement
  • Employee Experience Imperatives for Organizations in 2024
  • How to Evolve Your Listening Beyond Engagement

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