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Employee Engagement Trends & Best Practices

Download the 2023 State of Engagement report for key findings, insights, and recommendations for improving the employee experience. 



Download Newmeasures’ 2023 State of Engagement report for key findings, insights, and recommendations.

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Engagement At-A-Glance

In 2022, we gathered feedback from nearly a half million survey respondents about their experiences at work. We’ve complied and analyzed that data to identify the top trends that are influencing employee engagement and retention. Three key findings emerged:

  1. A sense of belonging is vital for today’s workforce to feel committed and to perform.
  2. Employees need to see a promising future for themselves and the organization.
  3. Employees have high expectations of their managers, and these managers need support.

Our new 2023 State of Engagement report details these trends and offers insights to navigate this new landscape.

Each year, Newmeasures collects data from hundreds of thousands of employees across a wide variety of industries. See what trends we uncovered in our analysis of 2022 engagement data.

Key drivers of engagement.  To identify critical drivers of engagement and inform action taking, organizations leverage a key driver algorithm, which identifies the survey items with the largest correlation with engagement. Find out what top drivers are trending.

Turning insights into action.  See our recommendations for how to create employee experiences that lead to high levels of engagement and retention.