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Employee Engagement Trends & Best Practices

Employee Engagement Trends & Best Practices

Download Newmeasures' 2021 State of Engagement report for key findings, insights, and recommendations.

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Engagement At-A-Glance

See how organizations leveraged listening strategies in 2021 to check in on relevant topics such as employee retention, belonging, well-being and employee engagement.
2020: A Year Marked by COVID-19
Key Drivers of Engagement
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Insights
Differences in Engagement

Research and key findings

Each year, Newmeasures collects data from hundreds of thousands of employees across a wide variety of industries. See what trends we uncovered in our analysis of 2021 Engagement data.

Key drivers of engagement

To identify critical drivers of engagement and inform action taking, organizations leverage a key driver algorithm, which identifies the survey items with the largest correlation with engagement. Find out what the top drivers were in 2021.

Engagement by Demographics

Dive deeper and explore engagement by job level, age, tenure, gender and ethnicity.

This research and the resulting insights and recommendations were produced by Newmeasures, LLC . 

Newmeasures specializes in equipping organizations with employee listening strategies that provide the insights they need to build an exceptional workforce.