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Key Findings From Our 2024 Employee Experience Trends Report

Discover surprising trends in employee engagement for small to mid-size US companies. Our 2024 report reveals key findings on leadership impact, manager effectiveness, and the importance of belonging. Learn what drives employee satisfaction and retention in today’s evolving workplace.

Does Your Benefits Program Truly Benefit Your Employees?

Discover how Newmeasures transformed its compensation strategy amidst rapid growth by aligning benefits with employee preferences. This article outlines how to use employee benefits feedback in your organization to foster loyalty, reduce attrition, and enhance overall productivity.

10 Tips for Cultivating Psychological Safety at Work

In this guest post, Tessa Bergmans, MSHR, PHR, SHRM-CP & Dr. Anne Julia Hagen, founders of B&H Consulting, share practical tips on how to foster psychological safety at work, drawing insights from Edmondson’s books “The Fearless Organization” (2019) and “Right Kind of Wrong” (2023).

Between Us: On Trust & Belonging

Trust and belonging are having their “15 minutes of fame”. While I completely agree these