Feedback is Meant to be Shared! Best Practices for Providing Access to Open-Ended Survey Comments

Madison Hanscom, Ph.D., Director of People ScienceEmployee Engagement, Employee Surveys, Listening1 Comment

Open-ended survey questions allow employees to speak up anonymously, offer context surrounding their multiple-choice and numeric survey responses, and provide additional understanding around topics of interest. These qualitative responses to open-ended questions can also feel … Read More

Start the Conversation: “What Engagement Means to You”

Kyla Holcombe, Ph.D., Insights Consultant & Organizational PsychologistEmployee Engagement, Strategic ListeningLeave a Comment

Many employees are asked to fill out engagement surveys, but they aren’t often asked what engagement really means to them. As part of an ongoing effort to focus on and improve the experience of their workforce, Border States Electric (BSE) has stepped back to fully understand this important perspective.