Engagement Survey

Project Milestones & Resources

Newmeasures is excited to partner with you on your Engagement Survey Project! This landing page will serve as your one-stop source for instructions, templates and resources - from kickoff to close. We recommend bookmarking this page for quick reference during the project period.

  • Getting Started

  • Survey Design

  • Survey Build

  • Testing & Admin

  • Dashboard & Analysis

Getting Started

Thank you for partnering with Newmeasures on your employee engagement survey! We are here to provide you everything you need for a smooth and easy survey administration and reporting process, and everything you need to take action on your feedback.

Your project will kickoff with a call to cover a summary of the process, the project timeline and key deliverables. Following kickoff, the following standard meetings will occur to facilitate survey design & build, and ultimately, the release of your dashboard and insights: 

  • Up to 2 Survey Design Calls: To determine questions, customization, benchmarking, etc.  
  • 1 Implementation Call: To discuss the employee file, survey distribution, customization, views, messages etc. 
  • Pre-Launch Check-in (optional): Final confirmation of materials and timeline before launch
  • Dashboard Review: To review the how the results will be viewed in the online dashboard, walk-through filters, etc.
  • Debrief Meetings: Per your contract, facilitated debriefs of the results will be held with identified members of the organization 

The Newmeasures team will be available for ad-hoc conversations outside of these standard meetings as needed, via email and phone. 

5 Things To Do First:
1. Identify Your Project Team

We recommend identifying a core survey team who will design the survey and key individuals whose roles will be required in administering the survey (ex: internal communications and IT).

2. Pinpoint 1-3 “Hot Topics” for Your Organization

What current problems are you working to solve? Are there any change management initiatives or cultural shifts you’d like to explore? Come to our kickoff with some ideas in mind and we can discuss how to account for these in the survey design.

3. Whitelist the Survey Address

Ask your IT department to whitelist the survey addresses by sending them the information below. This will prevent the survey invitation and reminder emails from going to spam.

4. Review the Employee File Template 

This document will indicate who should be invited to your survey and will include the demographic variables for how you want to breakdown the data when reviewing results.

Before the implementation call, review the Employee File Set-up Spreadsheet which outlines how to prepare your file in the format required. 

The following fields will need to be populated:

  • Employee first name
  • Employee last name
  • Employee email address
  • Employee supervisor name
  • Employee supervisor ID (this will be used to set up your organization’s hierarchy)
  • Any demographic fields (tenure range, age range, department, gender, race, location)
5. Leverage Templates to Communicate the Survey Internally 

Review our Communications Guide for tips on how to best communicate they survey within your organization in order to raise awareness and increase participation. Leverage templates in getting your message out. Additionally, review suggestions for communicating results following the close of the survey.