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Beyond Engagement Surveys: Why You Need an Employee ​​​​​Listening Strategy

Most organizations have a ​disconnected approach to employee listening.

​The Newmeasures Listening Strategy makes it easy to track trends and connect insights across the entire employee life-cycle, from recruitment to exit.

The result? ​Executive buy-in for HR initiatives, less frustrated employees, and a better customer experience.

​By ​working with New​​​​​measures on your Listening Strategy you’ll see four key benefit​s.

Strategic employee listening will give employees a voice so they are more productive and engaged.

Productive and engaged employees will improve the customer experience and the bottom line.

Executives are more likely to support HR initiatives when your listening strategy has clear ties to company goals.

You'll catapult innovation within the organization by efficiently harnessing new product and service ideas.

By working with Newmeasures on your Listening Strategy you’ll see four key benefits.

Think about how powerful it would be if you were able to identify red flags that helped you predict turnover.

Or how many headaches you could avoid by understanding how a recently announced change is impacting employees.

Or how you could truly impact profit margins by understanding the elements of the employee experience that have the biggest impact on your customer experience.

That is the power of the Newmeasures Listening Strategy.

Intentional and Proactive

A thoughtful listening strategy is intentional and proactive, asking for input from employees at the times when it matters most.

This includes tactics you’re familiar with, like the annual engagement survey and onboarding and exit surveys.

We take it a step further…

  • Monitoring company pulse to quickly respond to change
  • Triggering experience-based surveys that go beyond onboarding and exit to include other key events, like being promoted or returning from maternity leave
  • Implementing an “intelligent suggestion box” that gives employees an open forum to share what’s on their minds, whether that’s a concern or a product idea
  • Or checking in on experiences in real-time, so managers can intervene quickly and efficiently

And then tying it all together to make powerful predictions.

The Five Components of a Newmeasures Listening Strategy

A Newmeasures consultant will help you design a listening strategy with the right components for your organization.
Always-on Listening
Give employees an outlet to share their suggestions and concerns, so you never miss out on the next big idea.
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Pulse Surveys
Frequent and simple pulse check-ins are critical to understanding the ebbs and flows of employee morale. Proactively manage change by tying pulse feedback to key organizational events to stay ahead of employee opinions and keep your best people.
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Topic-driven Surveys
Short and targeted, these surveys are a great way to get actionable insights on a particular topic—think diversity and inclusion, employee well-being, or change management. Determine if the actions you are taking are really making an impact on engagement, or if your strategy needs a course correction.
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Experience-driven Surveys
Use experience-driven surveys to check in on key milestones and fine tune each touchpoint to create memorable and positive experiences. Build enthusiasm and loyalty so you win the war for talent and achieve your business goals
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Employee Engagement
Align your employee engagement survey with the strategic goals of the organization by asking the right questions. Teach your leaders how to apply insights to their objectives and predict key outcomes. Transform your engagement survey from a “check-the-box” exercise into a powerful business process.
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​​Powerful Predictive Data That Drives Decisions

​People talk about big data and predictive analytics, but few actually know how to do it.

Knowing how to connect data metrics up-front is critical. Our data scientists will help you design an intelligent approach to your employee listening that is integrated, smart, and points to how to take real action.

From the beginning.

​Step 1: Discovery
​​We'll help you determine the key organizational challenges you want to address, such as turnover and improving the customer experience.
​Step 2: ​Strategy
​We'll identify the best listening methods, ​help you think through the timing of data collection,​ and what statistical methods ​will get you the ​results you're looking for. ​
​Step 3: ​Execution
​Our implementation consultants will collect and connect feedback across all of your listening methods to​ break down data silos.
​Step 4: ​Insights
​Our intelligent reporting and experienced consultants will help translate statistical findings into actionable insights.

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