Mile High SHRM Conference Recap – The Importance of Curiosity

Leanne Buehler, Ph.D., Principal Science and Innovation AdvisorEmployee Engagement, LeadershipLeave a Comment

Mile High SHRM is always a great opportunity to connect with our clients and learn from other thought leaders. What stood out for me this year was a theme around the importance of curiosity, which plays out in many ways within an organization. In a nutshell, here is the key message:

-Build a culture of leaders who are curious – they will be more likely to adapt to change, challenge the
status quo, and take action on employee ideas.
-Curiosity can improve products, services, and processes. Start by asking a beautiful, yet simple question:
-Be curious about every person you meet: What are their interests and how can you help? Success is built on
-Talk to people outside of your normal circle of contacts. The best ideas often come from an outside
-Help employees explore the importance of their work. Many people understand the big picture of the
organization, but a leader’s job is to help translate that message into something meaningful for each

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Written by Dr. Leanne Buehler, VP Consulting Services, Newmeasures