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Video #1

​Introduction to Strategic Listening


Video #2

​Energize Innovation with Always-on Listening


Video #3

​Early Warning Signs with Pulse Monitor Surveys


Video #4

Ensure ​Success with Topic-Driven Surveys


Video #5

​Build Enthusiasm with Experience-Driven Surveys


Video #6

​Beyond Standard Employee Engagement


Video #7

​Tying it All Together with Integrated Data

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​Is your approach to employee satisfaction based on the CEO’s opinion, or actual data?

​Most organizations have a ​disconnected approach to employee listening. Having a strategic approach
makes it easy to track trends and connect insights across the entire employee life-cycle, from recruitment to exit.  


​The result?

Executive ​support, less frustrated employees, and a better customer experience.

​Just Some of What You'll ​gain if you follow the advice in this 7-Part ​video series:


​C-Suite Support for HR Projects

​Get executives to support HR initiatives because there’ll be clear ties to company goals.


​A Better Customer Experience

​Engaged employees improve the customer experience and the bottom line.


​Gain a Competitive Advantage

​Efficiently harness new product and service ideas to catapult innovation and create a competitive advantage for the organization.


​Become an Employer of Choice

​Give employees a voice so they are are more productive, engaged, and rave about the organization.

What Others Are Saying:


​Jennifer Betti  ​​Head of Employee Experience, ​​HERE Technologies ​

The insights that Newmeasures provides has been incorporated into our most senior leaders’ strategic plans in driving engagement for our employees. This strategic partnership has had a very positive influence on our organizational health as we aggressively drive toward HERE’s very bold mission.

​Roy Starks ​Director, ​Mental Health Center of Denver

​Newmeasures​ helped us understand how we can connect engagement to the mission of Mental Health Center of Denver so that we are leveraging engagement to accomplish our big picture strategy.

​Sue Dorsey ​CFO, Water For People

​Newmeasures streamlined the process, provided valuable benchmarking and analysis of our data and laid out a clear path from data to action. ​Newmeasures drives our organization further towards excellence and being a great place to work.

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