In Case You Need to Hear It … Thank you!

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Giving thanks isn’t just for the dinner table, it’s valuable around the conference table too.

The practice of gratitude is proven to benefit workplaces when integrated into culture. A key pillar of positive psychology, delivering and receiving appreciation is linked to reduced stress, improved health and higher job satisfaction.

In a year marked by difficulty and crisis, we enter this season of thanks with a deeper understanding of what matters most and a heightened appreciation for the power of connection. At Newmeasures, we have long believed that by bringing our whole selves to work and putting our humanity first we can achieve great things and thrive as both individuals and organizations.

2020 has put this to the test as the walls between our personal and professional lives dissolved in an instant, challenging notions of what work looks like and how it’s done. The waves of change have been constant and have required new levels of resilience, agility and adaptability from each of us.

And – too often the unsung heroes – the work of HR and IT professionals took center stage as you responded with sophisticated and creative solutions. As some have said, it was the moment your functions have been training for – and you delivered.

A Message From Your Employees: Thank You

Across industries and geographies, the message from employees in survey after survey has been clear: leaders and organizations have stepped up. Your teams see it and are expressing thanks for how they have been supported.

Newmeasures is proud to express this well-deserved gratitude and we encourage our clients to take a moment to look back on some of the amazing things YOU DID this last year:

  • Implementing remote work policies overnight – in many cases, for the first time ever
  • Equipping employees to work from home by ensuring individuals have the necessary equipment and technology, delivering laptops and even securing internet access for those without
  • Allowing for temporary relocation, enabling individuals to take care of or be near family
  • Expanding benefits to prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of your people
  • Rolling out new benefits, policies and resources to those with caregiving responsibilities
  • Enabling flexible schedules as parents juggle at-home schooling with their professional commitments
  • Offsetting the costs of working from home by providing meal stipends and reimbursement for supplies
  • Developing team building opportunities that facilitate connection remotely
  • Making tough calls, but putting people first in your approach by ensuring health coverage when reductions in workforce were necessary and reassigning work when reasonable
  • Communicating authentically and transparently, sharing personal experience and guiding employees through change

We are honored to partner with such an exceptional set of clients and are taken aback by your achievements and compassion. As we continue to navigate into new territory, we look forward to helping you check in on employees and make data-informed decisions for the future.    

5 Ways to Express Gratitude at Work

While always valuable, the importance of gratitude is amplified further during turbulent times when additional resilience is required. Looking for ways to implement the practice of gratitude within your team or company culture? Here are some tips and tricks for getting started.

  • Add Gratitude to the Agenda. Integrate appreciation into the structure of your meetings by designating 5-10 minutes for team members to share “kudos” and success stories. This will demonstrate that gratitude is a cultural value and ensure it is consistently exercised.   
  • Offer Acts of Service. Step in to pick up a task or assume a role outside of your scope as a manger. Looking for ways to support your team in their efforts will foster loyalty and demonstrate respect for their contributions.
  • Take a Break. Has your team been putting in late hours? Have you wrapped up a few significant projects or passed an important milestone? Encourage your people to celebrate their success as well as rest and reenergize by ending the workday a few hours early or planning an office celebration.
  • Tailor Rewards to the Person. Rewards are only effective if they resonate – get to know your team and what matters most to them. Reward performance through words, gifts, time, opportunities or public recognition based on what will be meaningful to the person.
  • Listen and Say Thank You. Your time and attention are strong indicators of your appreciation. Give your team members a platform to talk openly about their work, as well as their goals, and listen for opportunities to offer support, encouragement or recognition. Often, a simple thank you is the perfect way to recognize a job well done.
How Surveys Help Express Gratitude 

When companies prioritize listening and embed the practice into their cultures, not only do they generate insights that drive their business forward, but they create environments that support, empower and value their people. By letting every voice be heard – and better yet, acted upon – organizations subliminally express gratitude for their teams’ thoughts, ideas and opinions.

A survey is the start of a conversation and your follow-through is what will communicate appreciation and foster engagement. Find tips for effective survey follow-up here.

Ready to listen? Contact us to learn how engagement, onboarding, exit, pulse and topic-based surveys can enhance your data-informed approach and create opportunities for two-way communication throughout the year and at every step of the employee lifecycle.