Help your employees manage their workload by asking these four questions…

Leanne Buehler, Ph.D., Managing Partner & VP of Consulting SolutionsEmployee Engagement1 Comment

It is not uncommon for employees to raise concerns about their workload, but, as a manager, how do you really know when a plate is too full? Start by talking with employees about what might be getting in their way of getting work done:

-Are priorities clear?
-Do they have the skills or resources to execute effectively?
-Are they effective at time management?
-Are they aiming for perfection when it may not be needed?

Exploring these topics will help you determine how to best support your employees so that they effectively handle a busy workload while minimizing frustration

  • Workforce management says:

    Agreed, the questions mentioned will do the job for supporting your employees. It’s always better to have a good understating between both sides