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Are You an Exceptional Leader?

We exist to help our client organizations use employee and manager surveys as business intelligence.

It almost seems unconscionable to think that some of our client managers question the importance of helping employees feel valued at work. Yet, on a regular basis we are challenged by senior leaders around the validity of even caring about employees’ thoughts, feelings and concerns.

One leader quipped during a post-survey results consulting presentation, “if a leader cares about their employees too much they must really be wimpy managers.” I am sure at that moment my jaw literally dropped. It was clear from the employee data that they were neither confident in their leaders nor did they feel as though the organization was even on the right track. Rather than accept the thoughts and opinions of the majority of the employees, this leader ignored the data and brushed it off as “soft” and surely not intended for him.

Suffering from a lack of revenue, lack of innovation and lack of leadership, it became quickly apparent that this client indeed, was in serious denial regarding the employee intelligence we gathered.

Rather than debate the value of employee engagement, it seemed more fitting to ask a more pertinent question: Do you want to be ok or do you want to be great?

Unfortunately, many organizations settle with ok and never ask us what it takes to be exceptional. Our client organizations experiencing the best growth in revenue, markets and margin are led by exceptional leaders living remarkable lives. Sure, you can live a marginal life and do just enough to manage your people and do ok and settle for a certain amount of turnover, turmoil and torpidity and collect a pay check, or you can become the CEO of your team, your department, your own little world and be exceptional and remarkable.

It is really your choice, no victim here, just choice.

Written by Steve Grant, President & CEO, Newmeasures





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