Options for Qualtrics Users

The Qualtrics platform offers a wide range of options for releasing data and sharing responses to open-ended comments. For example, here are four ways to manage access.

1.   Set Thresholds for Reporting Comments

Setting minimum thresholds for reporting comments restricts the dashboard from showing data if fewer than a specified number of people (e.g., 5 employees) provided responses. This also works when filters are added. Thus, if there were 10 people in the department (6 men, 4 women) and the Gender filter is applied to look at women, their data will not be visible because the sample size (n=4) did not meet or exceed the reporting threshold of 5 individuals. This helps to protect confidentiality and prevent the people leader from knowing who said what.

2.   Set Separate Thresholds for Numeric Responses Vs. Comments

Different thresholds can be used for numeric/quantitative data and open-ended comments. If you are concerned the minimum reporting threshold is too low for the open-ended comments, you might decide to set a higher threshold for the qualitative data to protect anonymity (because sometimes it can be easier to determine “who said what” from comment voice). This might look like a threshold of 5 responses for numeric data and a threshold of 8 responses for open-ended comments.

3.   Utilize Distinct Roles Based on Users

It is possible to give access that varies by dashboard role or user type. For instance, you might decide admin users and executives can see all comments, but managers can see comments only if their team has more than 30 survey responses. There is flexibility in thresholds across different user profiles.

4.   Distribute Comments Manually

If leaders will be receiving their survey information as a report instead of via dashboard access, open-ended data can still be shared with them by downloading the comments manually from the dashboard. This can also be a useful way to control the level at which the comments are viewed. For instance, you might decide each leader should have comment access at the department level instead of the team level due to small team sample sizes. This can be achieved using filters in the dashboard.