COVID-19 Resources

Newmeasures is here to help organizations maintain employee engagement and productivity during the COVID-19 Crisis and beyond.
Looking to understand how other HR teams are responding to COVID-19?
Gain insights from over 100 HR leaders to understand how they are addressing communication, adjusting talent management initiatives, and creating a sense of belonging and connection by downloading our latest white paper below.

Survey insights to remove barriers to productivity

and employee morale. 

Adjusting to the New Normal Pulse

Check in with your employees to make sure they have the tools, support, and communication they need to stay safe, connected and productive during the COVID-19 crisis.

Lessons Learned From COVID-19 Response

Want to understand what went well during your organization's response to COVID-19 and how you might improve your response to crisis? Check in with employees to get their feedback now so you are smarter in the future.

Return to Work Pulse

As employees gear up to return to the workplace, gather input on what's working well with remote work and what employees need to feel safe to return.

Virtual Team Pulse Check and Coaching

Need to jump start your team as you adjust to remote work? Newmeasures and our coaching partners at Trispective will set you up for success.