About Us

Built on inspiration, driven by data, and focused on bringing insight to organizations.

Newmeasures began in 1996, when the founders were working with a Fortune 100 company that asked 150 questions on their employee survey, which created more problems than it solved. The survey took forever to fill out, results were delivered in a huge binder of charts and graphs, and managers were left to puzzle out what to do. Usually they did nothing.

The Newmeasures’ founders determined that they could innovate this process with a short, valid, and reliable survey that took 5 minutes to fill out and pointed managers to effective action quickly. Within 6 months they had created a transformational approach to employee surveying — and Newmeasures was born.

Over the past two decades, Newmeasures has continued to innovate by turning surveys into solutions. Today we are passionate about helping leaders and organizations become more mindful of the employee life-cycle by providing insights via employee feedback.

We use our proprietary survey tools (onboarding, engagement, exit, leadership 360, etc.), a unique model of valuing people and driving results, and intelligent reporting solutions to provide organizations with critical data at the right time: information that can identify roadblocks and help remove barriers to success.

Our Mission

The Newmeasures mission is to provide organizations with insights that contribute to an exceptional workforce.

Work With Us

Our Core Values

Work Hard, Play Hard.

Love what we do, enjoy the journey. Have the flexibility to take care of life and reward success.

Make a Positive Impact.

We keep focused on making an impact for our customers, employees and the community. We are fair and have a long-term perspective.

Value our Customers and Each Other.

We take pride in delivering responsive and thoughtful service both to our clients, our partners and each other. We are mindful that we are better because of each other.

Play to Our Strengths.

We don’t care about titles or hierarchy; we put the best person on the job. We have a love for learning and leverage each person’s genius.

Balance Science and Practice.

Our products and services are based on solid science and practical application. We know every leader and organization is different and we meet our customers where they need to be with smart and innovative solutions.

“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

Jim Collins, Good to Great